Ahoy Island – Casual RPG Mod Apk v1.0.04

Ahoy Island – Casual RPG – a casual RPG, explore the corners of this mysterious and dangerous world with a team of heroes. Travel on an airship, fight against evil orcs and find magic stones that will help develop your wards. The battles themselves will be automatic, but you can activate special skills of the heroes. There are more than 50 characters from which to create a strong team, because each fighter is individual. In addition, upgrade your airship to make it more powerful and go to the most fierce battles, where you can find, combine and improve various types of equipment.

Talk to the blacksmith, because he makes the weapon truly indestructible and effective against enemies. Look for spells that strengthen your characters and make them invincible. Also in Ahoy Island, you can test the team by fighting in the arena with other players and create a guild to explore the territories with your friends and find various treasures of the island, and also go to conquer the legendary tower, clearing monsters from each floor and receiving special, valuable rewards. Go through your own path of a hero fighting evil spirits.

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Download Ahoy Island – Casual RPG Mod Apk v1.0.04

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