AIDA64 v1.79 MOD APK (Premium Features Unlocked)

As an assistant to manage your Android device – AIDA64 helps you understand more about your device without any outside help. This will be the best hardware information utility for Android, thanks to its inherent uses and utilities. Currently, many users around the world love and trust the application. Thanks to the extensive knowledge of a modern application, it can diagnose various information for your phone.


More and more users will be more and more satisfied with the features this app provides; you won’t have to think much about the problems AIDA64 encounters. Completely secure and clearly verifiable, now new updated versions are able to contraindicate Chinese counterfeits. When using this application, users are free to choose from several variations in light intensity and setting each theme. Nowadays, you can also copy information to the Clipboard by pressing and holding.



Some or more users will not understand the parameters and functions of the smartphone in depth. Sometimes, you feel frustrated because you can’t recognize and understand those things better. Now, with this application, perhaps you will become an information technology person. With this application, your mobile device will clearly display the parameters you need to know about a smartphone, such as screen size or pixel density.


Perhaps, many users do not understand the functions of our phones well; you need a phone assistant like AIDA64 to be able to manage your phone. People often care about the running speed of a phone and, more specifically, its battery level. But you don’t know how much battery your device used compared to yesterday and its effects compared to before. Our state-of-the-art app will help you better understand that it will monitor the battery level you use today and report to the device.

For you to easily track and manage, helping you to use a more durable phone. You can compare the battery level you have used in recent days to provide a suitable usage time without causing much harm to your device. In addition, using the device for a long time in a day will lead to a high temperature, seriously affecting the phone. With this application, even if your phone has a small temperature difference, it will also alert you and offer a solution.



To be able to understand an intelligent device like today better, you need to have a good understanding of the required expertise. An Android device has tons of specialized features that you may not know about, along with some hidden parameters that not everyone knows. With AIDA64, you can monitor the capacity of your mobile device, how much space your device owns. And it will notify you; a specific application has consumed all the available memory.


Because of the confusing parameters in such mobile devices, you need an assistant like AIDA64 to manage and warn when required. Many users are probably still confused with tasks like measuring clock speeds in modern devices in general. With this application, you will have it automatically measure the parameters on the device and automatically handle when there is a problem.

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