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A game that has utterly accessible gameplay but with many challenges is Alchemy: Forge of Gods. You will be the one to create the world by combining elements available from the beginning of the level. From there, you will collect new items and continue to develop other things by your speculation. In addition, the game also has some supporting elements for your playing process.

Alchemy: Forge of Gods


Your work in Alchemy is exciting related to blacksmithing, but the products you forge are not weapons intended to fight other players. Specifically, you will create a universe on your own, which is a task entrusted to you by a god. The area you go to is called the Forge of Gods, and the tools you will use are the essential elements in the game, along with something called the Anvil of Gods. These two factors will combine to create the first foundations for the universe.

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to some information about the game. There are not too many mechanics for the player to grasp because the number of elements created by the combination is a variable and depends on the user’s creativity. The game interface includes the Anvil of Gods appearing in the middle, and you will see a circle on both sides. In this circle, the player will find the essential elements and combine two similar or different elements.

Alchemy: Forge of Gods


In Alchemy, players will notice that the round buttons on either side will have the same elements. So when you finish selecting one element, you can choose another element or the same type on the other side. From there, if there is a result, the product will be immediately visible to you and added to your element library. The essential elements that can be found for the first time in this game are darkness, light air, earth, fire, and water.

These circles will gradually increase in number and correspond to the elements that you create. If it is a base element, it will be added to the round button you found initially in the game. But if it’s a product related to a component like a lake, a round button with the water symbol will appear shortly after. In other words, the number of diverse products that you will take time to complete depends on your ability to think and create.

Alchemy: Forge of GodsAlchemy: Forge of Gods


When you hear about creating a universe, you inevitably think of the analogy of the products you have created with natural elements. From there, the objects will be an endless source of inspiration for you to create these elements. You will constantly make combinations of any two factors for its failure or success. In addition, imagination is what will help you think of the ingredients needed to combine these elements.

The variety that Alchemy sometimes brings also brings some problems when players have many failures. It is no need to worry when at the bottom of Anvil of Gods, there will be some list of objects that you can create but do not specify the recipe. In other words, you will be given the product and find a way to create a similar product by your judgment. It is equal to a task that you are forced to complete in the game and saves you from running out of ideas.

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