ANONYMOUS HORROR – this is a classic first-person thriller in which you need to find twenty memes scattered throughout the rooms of a gloomy abandoned building. The task is complicated by the fact that together with you in this house there is an Anonymous person armed with a knife, ready at any moment to attack you from behind and stab you!

There are several dozen rooms in this building, which makes it easy to get lost there. Carefully search every corner there, stands with ads, paintings on the walls, all cabinets and nightstands. There you can find various Easter eggs, popular memes and keys to locked doors. If you manage to collect everything quickly and find a way out, while remaining unnoticed, the game will be considered successful.

If you are still found, you have a chance to escape, try to quickly escape from the maniac and find a secluded place in the form of a closet or room. The main thing is to have time to close the door before the enemy sees it, otherwise he will easily open everything and get you. During the passage at your disposal is only a flashlight, with a limited supply of batteries and a lighter.

Features of the game:

  • Large game location with dozens of rooms;
  • A constant, suspenseful atmosphere;
  • A large number of Easter eggs;
  • Simple controls.

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