Art of War v5.6.2 [MOD, Money]

Art of War is an engaging strategy game from 10P STUDIO. This is a simple and fun game that is loved by many people. Players will be able to participate in special battles with cute soldiers. In the game, each battle will be a major tactical challenge for all players. Art of War has addictive gameplay, diverse challenges and many advanced features. In this article, we give you all the information about the game as well as provide the link to download Art of War Mod Apk for free. Let’s check it out right now!

Art of War Mod Apk for Android

Addictive gameplay

In Art of War, players will receive the task of commanding an army to fight. You will need to organize your troops into good tactics. To get a strong army, you can adjust and upgrade your squad before battling. You can upgrade and arrange the soldiers by using the card boxes on the right side of the screen. Besides, gamers will randomly receive different troops and increase your army power. If players receive unwanted soldiers, they can also keep and drag them into the trash on the left side.

Art of War offers a lot of different challenges. Those difficulties will be arranged according to the different levels of the stage. Players will try to win each game screen with many different enemies. The soldiers will be more and more powerful, so players need to prepare their tactics. After winning a game, you can get the gold coins, which you can use to buy more troops or heroes.

Attractive mission

Art of War not only attracts players by addictive gameplay but it also adds many exciting quests. The game will randomly provide daily quests, giving players additional valuable rewards. To complete the tasks, the player can fight continuously. Besides, the various milestones in the levels you pass will also be marked to bring rewards and unlock many other features.

Art of War Mod Apk for Android

Hero and army

Art of War brings a lot of special heroes and troops for you. Currently, the game is offering seven types of heroes and 12 unique army types. Each of them will bring different abilities for players to build the tactics. The stronger the heroes and warriors are, the higher levels you will need to unlock. Also, you need to fight and overcome as many levels as possible.


Headhunt can be called another game mode of Art of War. Players need to pass level 15 to be able to unlock this mode. This mode takes players to fight in endless levels to collect more rewards. Headhunt offers two difficulty levels that add additional rewards to all players. However, the difficulty level will require the player to have strong heroes and soldiers.

Beautiful design

Art of War is a modern game with an impressive design. It uses colorful and funny images. The soldiers will be shaped quite simply with a unique fighting style that you have never seen before. Besides, the sound of the game is very playful, bringing excitement to everyone. You can hear many different battle sounds like swords, bows and many other spells.

What’s in Art of War Mod Apk?

Art of War Mod Apk is an interesting version, in which there are many advanced features that you do not have when using the normal version from Google Play. Specifically, you will get more money and gems in the game. Also, gamers can freely spend that money to buy in-game items without worrying about the costs. All players can boost the army’s development and win all the difficult challenges.

Art of War Mod Apk for Android

Download Art of War Mod APK [Money] for Android

Art of War is a free game, which you can easily download from Google Play. However, the modified version is only available for download on the sharing websites. However, you will be able to encounter some fake files that contain the risks of danger for your device. We provide a secure link right at the end of this article. Please go to the bottom to download it quickly.


Art of War is an attractive strategy game, in which players can participate in fun battles with many powerful enemies. You have to try to use tactics most appropriately for the final victory. Art of War Mod Apk is also a special version that I share right here. You can pin the article to update the latest versions of the game. Don’t forget to rate and share Art of War with everyone if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

Download Art of War v5.6.2 [MOD, Money]

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