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The description of Baby Phone App

Does your baby want to play mini games with your mobile phone all the time? Baby Phone by Minibuu is a phone simulator full of kids games, being an incredible phone simulator for baby and kids, allows them to play up to 20 mini games while they learn and have fun too.Your baby can play with the baby games with different themes such like space, animals, Balloon pop, Pinball you name it.Call all the Minibuu friends Leonard the doggy a cute dog also you can have a emoji conversation in the chat app, don’t forget to play music in the music app.Pop up balloons with different things inside in the balloon app.Baby Phone also has incredible apps such as the candy busting mini game.Play in the planet space mini game where you can spin the world and pop many stars with cute animations.Travel through space and discover a world full of kids surprises.Let your baby make toddler music on Baby Phone or a tablet.It is very fun for Babies and Kids to sit and learn to play musical instruments with real sounds of drum, xylophone and piano.And also Baby kids can make some paintings in the painting app.This Kids games was created for the children learn and play at the same time.Try fantastic Mini Games with many animations and colors to keep your toddlers entertained.Help us improve Minibuu! If you have any ideas to make Kids games, games for kids, toddler games and baby games, do not hesitate to contact us.For the Minibuu team it is important your user experience, learn more about our privacy policy by clicking on:


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