Bad North: Jotunn Edition v2.00.18 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

Players will enter stunning strategy gameplay as they travel to land and defend it from the Vikings in Bad North: Jotunn Edition. You will find an excellent environment and float on a sea that will constantly be threatened. At the same time, the gameplay is entirely player-friendly, and over time the number and strength of enemies will increase. That requires that you will also need time to equip yourself with new things.


Your role in Bad North is entirely understandable as you will defend your territory from the Vikings’ approaching by boat. From there, you will know where they will go to the island and move your forces appropriately to take them down soon after. The gameplay of this game is straightforward, which anyone will enjoy. Of course, there will always be inevitable surprises that players will find in this game.

The environment of this game is an island that colored clouds will surround, and from there, there will be Viking ships docked. They will move slowly to your area, and you will find a way to fight these people to complete the level. At the same time, you can freely rotate the environment in the game to know the sides of the land you are occupying and know all the locations where you can send troops. Surely you will always pay attention to the game screen of this game.


When you start Bad North, you will find that your land will have a certain number of houses, and you will not want them to be destroyed by your enemies. Protecting them will help you get many benefits later. As mentioned above, you will stop the enemy’s advance and prevent them from advancing to destroy these houses. So you will take advantage of the tactics and the troops you have at the beginning of the game, and that starting number is two.

These two armies will have different colors, and moving them is also very simple. You need to select the piece you want to move, and soon, you will see your land will have oval shapes. Specifically, these ovals will appear throughout the game screen and are where you can move troops to. Therefore, players will certainly not have much difficulty accessing the gameplay and can overcome many levels to protect many different islands.


In Bad North, players will find a map to know where you are going, and they are islands threatened by enemies. You will gradually go through different islands and confront the increasingly powerful army of the enemy. But surely you will not suffer because, over time, your strength will increase and acquire many new commanders. In other words, each of your troops will gain new strength, and the number of commanders will rise from the original number.

Increasing this commander is completely simple when the player achieves certain levels. You will meet some commanders who are from that area and also try to fight the Vikings. So, after completing that level, they will decide to join your army and help you achieve the new challenge. In addition, as you learn about your commander, you will need to choose to find out what new classes and items to buy and the money you will receive from the buildings you have protected.

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