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Anime stories have been popular for many years and have become a cult in Japan in particular and the world in general. For example, many tales have become iconic characters such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, etc. They become idols of many people from small to large; their adventures are also deep in mind. Imagine a lot of kids. So, the content of favorite anime is always a lucrative target for entertainment producers to target. Advertising agencies, or games, are buying their copyrights. Bleach Realm Death Battle is a new game built on the famous story of Ichigo in the popular Bleach anime series. Even its anime and manga have not come to an end yet, meaning that the game will still have plenty of resources to exploit in the future.

RPGs follow the hottest manga in Japan

DeNA is also a well-known Chinese-based game maker still in the running for other hit games in the anime-based game. It can be said that they have many products resonate in the market today as Marvel: War of Heroes, Transformers: Legends, … Bleach: Deathmatch Realm will be their most worthy rookie of the year 2018. Recently, it has been updated to be able to play on the Android operating system.


Bleach Realm Death Battle resembles the original. The character rights and the story have been bought so thoroughly you can expect exciting details and important battlefronts except for the anime. But this time, you control the character and decide the outcome of the battle. Death Ichigo will direct the battle with the giant sword on hand, fighting with evil spirits. Kurosaki and Kukuyuki Lucia will also be the highlight of the game if you are tired of the battle with Ichigo.

The familiar play-back of the PC is transformed smoothly into the phone in Bleach: Realm Death Battle. The familiar hack ‘n slash style is when you have to use all your fighting skills to destroy all the enemies that appear within the screen. Monsters will slowly emerge at the top level, and to the more difficult levels they will spill out on both sides like massive waves. Fighting is the only way. Going to the final scene, destroying monsters and surviving is the norm to win a game.

Characters are designed in detail

The famous MFI controller for the phone will allow the player to combine many of the characters in the game. A series of moves, connected together will create spectacular effects on the game screen. During the game, also pay attention to the Mana and blood in the upper left corner of the map. They are essential indicators in the battle. Do not upgrade the stats and items for the character to make them stronger at each level.

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