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Do you love your pet? YES, 100% of the respondents answered that way. So are aliens, they love their pets too. That love is so intense that if their pet is caught, they will accept adventure all the way to save it. Bring You Home is the adventure journey of kind aliens. His pet has been kidnapped, and this person is determined to take his little friend home. This is a new game just released by Alike Studio.

From the creators of Love You to Bits

Bring You Home get the attention of many players around the world, thanks to the cute story and beautiful graphics anymore. When you look at the avatar of the game, it will immediately see that it is the main character’s image — an alien looks like a gentle duck with blue skin color. And his pet is like a dumpling. The peaceful scenes of the alien countryside make you feel like you’re watching a moving family cartoon. Besides, “Bring You Home” is designed like a platformer, allowing players to go through many different lands. Each place has its unique features and is a combination of colors. The landscapes will have a fascinating trait related to gameplay. This creativity makes the game get the support of many gamers around the world. Besides, the sound in the game is gentle symphony music; its pace changes according to the situation you are experiencing. This makes the player feel comfortable when playing the game, and also see the drama.

Even failing can be fun!

Bring You Home combines two beautiful elements is platformer and puzzle. Basically, during the process of searching for your pet, you will have to go through tough challenges. It is always an obstacle to prevent you from moving forward. Even if you have a plot to kill you right away, they have a chance. So if you need to take a few seconds, you’ll regret coming back and playing again.

Players will move on a side-scroller 2D screen that always moves to the right to reach the destination. In each different world will be designed with separate themes but always arranged intelligently to trick you into their traps. However, on the road beyond cleverly arranged traps will be tools to help you solve that difficult puzzle. You will have to use your intelligence to deduce ways of solving depending on the objects given right in the map. Besides, players also can change the layout of the map. Each background will be divided into different slices vertically. Players can change the positions of those slices to create contexts that benefit themselves. However, the solution is only 1, so you will have to try a lot of times if you don’t know a specific answer before doing it. So the most important thing is to carefully observe and think before you act because your life is limited.

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