CatMouse for PC – How to Download Guide

CatMouse Introduction

Terrarium TV is an amazingly diverse streaming platform that allows you to watch thousands of movies, television series, and others. However, some people may not have access to Terrarium TV. So, here comes the younger brother – the Terrarium clone – CatMouse.


This app replicates and enhances Terrarium TV. You get to experience, virtually the same app, but on your Android device. Both of these great streaming apps are 100% free to use on your device. So, they already outweigh such services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney +. Why pay for those, when the free alternative is look your right in the eyes?

Getting CatMouse for PC

But wait, there’s more – what if we told you there was a way to add this Android exclusive app onto your PC? That’s right, there is a method in adding and playing Android applications straight from your PC.


And this isn’t even the best part. The greatest aspect about all of this is that the process is RIDICULOUSLY SIMPLE. Even a 10-year old can figure out the process and add the app onto their computer. Granted, this would be if the child was able to read, that must be taken into consideration.

What Makes CatMouse so Awesome?

Of course, anyone would want to know exactly what they’re getting when choosing a specific application. Well CatMouse is no exception. What makes this streaming service any different from its competitors on the market? Well, first of all – It’s free – there’s that.

But, there is a lot more to this application than just being at no cost. Continue below to see the features that make CatMouse such a great app for anyone to use as their definitive streaming service for PC…

  • There is a selection of over one thousand different movies, television series, and videos all across CatMouse. Each of these are spread across dozens of different genres as well.
  • You can watch all of the various videos in full HD resolution for the best quality.
  • All content within CatMouse is also free to access. You won’t be charged a single penny for the use of the application.
  • Additionally, there are download options. This will allow you to save any video and watch them later, offline. You can enjoy your streaming from any location, with or without an internet connection.

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