Celtic Heroes v3.8.0 APK (Latest)

The appearance of Celtic Heroes brought epic stories of the mystical land, where only dragons lived, and the warriors who went there could not return. So what happened to those people? You are also a warrior, which will stimulate your curiosity and confidence. That was the reason for the journey to conquer the sacred dragon to begin. Dal Riata will be the first fertile land you arrive at, uncovering its secrets and always ready to confront anyone who stands in your way.

Celtic Heroes – 3D MMORPG


As a great warrior, those who participate in Celtic Heroes and conquer the mysterious Dal Riata land will score even more remarkable achievements. With the provided equipment, players begin to choose the character and form the perfect shape. Out of five warriors representing many different lands, you will choose one and rely on the displayed document to understand all of their information. For every warrior, the homeland is the perfect source of support.

Many difficult situations will happen if you encounter some obstacles on the way. This will be a journey that happens in real-time; you can’t predict what is going to happen. The time of panic and fatigue is over is the time when you need to recharge your energy to search. The items you need to collect will appear scattered and often guarded. You should anticipate what will happen if the strongest dragon is awakened.

Celtic Heroes – 3D MMORPG


Warriors have always dreamed of the Celtic Heroes’ land of Dal Riata, and stories told and unconfirmed legends of a place shrouded in darkness but guarded by dragons have spread faster than any news. They used their insights to embark on an adventurous journey of discovery. Unforeseen situations will cause you to encounter many interruptions in your journey. But with a perfect formation, you can face any danger.

Celtic Heroes – 3D MMORPG


There are secrets related to an organization about to be revealed in Celtic Heroes. However, they will only be revealed gradually through the level and quest system. With each mission, the player can perform with others. Your opponents in later situations will no longer be dragons created for illegal purposes. Your opponent will be identified as some surprise attack planners, conquistadors, and escaped prisoners.

With each mission, players will only need basic skills. You can control it quickly with floating keys on the device screen. In addition, many other benefits, such as the use of power-up cards or warning signals, are also provided. 3D space will recreate many epic battles between humans and machines. What’s more, the story is not over yet; you and your teammates need to defeat the person behind the chaos that created this mess.

Celtic Heroes – 3D MMORPG


Celtic Heroes need the support of more warriors in a team; unity will help your strength with everyone be significantly enhanced. In the land ruled by dragons, the system will lead you to go deeper into exciting stories, uncovering secrets that have always been hidden. However, it is the conflicts that happen most often. You will have to confront dragons and a number of other enemies who also want to monopolize this secret. The battle officially begins with the first matches. Players just need to be fully equipped and fight, and the reward will surely make you satisfied.

Celtic Heroes – 3D MMORPG


  • Fighting games to destroy enemies, scrambling for resources, and exploring life on islands will open up opportunities and challenges for players on many levels.
  • It will be more difficult for you to conquer the top position on the leaderboard. That is also the reason for a squad full of outstanding warriors to be assembled, including many sources of power.
  • Explore life on the mysterious Dal Riata, find system-requested items, and conquer them with battles. Other players will compete with you, don’t forget to watch out for the dragons.
  • Players take steps to build a perfect character creation and train more skills to be able to overcome all challenges posed in the game, confronting difficulties.
  • Your gift is to receive worthy rewards after the game ends. You also have the opportunity to receive more when you win a new achievement or surpass someone on the leaderboard.

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