City Island 5 v3.26.0 [MOD, Money]

Construction is always an important section that requires the hard work and patience of the builder. The construction work being exploited by many game developers. Also, there are many great building games on the market. City Island 5 is such an interesting simulation game with ideas from construction work from Sparkling Society. This is the 5th version of the famous City Island series. In the game, your job is to develop a poor town to become more modern. In this article, we give you information about the game and provide the link to download it for free. Let’s check it out right now!

Download City Island 5 Mod APK for Android

Build a dream city

To build your dream city, gamers will be extremely busy with many jobs. In City Island 5, you will own many cities based on the discovered islands. Initially, gamers will be on a small island. You can start the game with the first buildings on the ground. It will take money and time to complete. After completing the projects, you will also receive rewards. During the game, you can continue by upgrading and developing the buildings that you have built. They will bring you many benefits.

When the scale of your city is big enough, your island will become more crowded. At this point, you will need to explore more islands. Based on the topography of the new islands, you can build suitable constructions. Besides, you can also visit others’ cities or invite them to visit your city. With the help of many people, your city will rapidly develop. Moreover, you can play City Island 5 offline (without an internet connection).

Abundant mission

City Island 5 offers a variety of daily quests related to in-game activities such as collecting, building, attracting people… When you complete the tasks, you will receive rewards. All your tasks should be completed in a day. Every day new tasks will be refreshed so you can keep participating. In addition, City Island 5 provides a daily lucky wheel for you to spin. You will lose two gold for each turn. If you were lucky enough, you could receive many attractive prizes.

Download City Island 5 Mod APK for Android

Many unique buildings

City Island 5 offers more than 200 special buildings. Each will have different design styles and functions such as housing, bank, hospitals and many other kinds. You will need to build roads to connect new buildings so that you can see the city more bustling. The constructions that you build will bring you profit during the operation and bring you more money. Besides, players can build more decorative works to make your island beautiful.

Ranking board

In the world of City Island 5, players not only have the opportunity to get acquainted with many players but also compete with other players for the highest position on the leaderboard. Also, you can make friends with other people in the game system. From there, you will have the opportunity to exchange and learn the best building experiences from them.

Beautiful design

City Island 5 is a quality game with many beautiful images. The colors of the game are extremely bright, bringing a sense of fun and love to the players. Besides, City Island 5 also provides the zoom in/out feature for the players to see their spectacular masterpieces more clearly. Also, it offers a lot of impressive islands with different design styles such as ice islands, fire islands… You can see many beautiful effects during gameplay including upgrade effects, weather change effects… The game’s music is also enjoyable for players.

Download City Island 5 Mod APK for Android

What’s in City Island 5 Mod Apk?

City Island 5 Mod Apk is a specially modified version. That will help unlock the premium features of the game. You will start the game more quickly. With a lot of money right from the beginning of the game, you can comfortably shop, upgrade and build.

Download City Island 5 Mod APK [Free Shopping] for Android

City Island 5 is a free game on Google Play. However, the modified version will not be available on normal mobile stores. You can only download it from our websites. When searching the internet, you may get some fake files. However, we will give you a safe and free version. Readers can download the game at the end of this article. Please make sure your network connection is stable before downloading.

Best construction game

City Island 5 is one of the attractive mobile simulation games. It offers a lot of attractive features that make your works more attractive. Surely, City Island 5 will continue to be successful in the future and attract more players. The revised version will also be available right here. You can follow our article so you can quickly download the latest versions of this game. Thanks and have fun!

Download City Island 5 v3.26.0 [MOD, Money]

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