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DarkAvenger X – Participating in a medieval battle is undoubtedly the experience that many people have tried through many of today’s games. These games, in general, have little change in the form of combat as well as the story also has some customization. DarkAvenger X is also a game that follows that but has been changed a lot in graphics as well as the nature of the battle. It has no longer the binding of a traditional ARPG game, but now players are “freestyle.”

That means that with all kinds of various powers and the open world, players are entitled to choose what they like. There is no need to follow any sort of constraint, as long as you have enough power and become overwhelming your opponent. Also, it is combined with attractive elements to create more variables in battle. Players can “turn the table” in the blink of an eye with the amazing powers given in the game.

The way of fighting in the game is not complicated, on the other hand, is simple with the combat skills available in the system. Just click and find a way to combine them into a seamless sequence to create the most powerful damage in the shortest time. The game speed will take place very quickly so players must find a way to catch the movement of monsters as well as their opponents to release the right timing. Besides, the “Monster Ride” and “weapons robbery” functions make the game easy to turn to unimaginable.

For example, when you fight a group of monsters, it is possible to take control of them if you attack right on that weakness. Besides, if you attack and hit the opponent who does not hold the weapon or make them stunned, drop the weapon, you can also take the weapons they are using. This system helps players with weaker equipment or disadvantages in battle have the opportunity to overturn the situation. Finally, choose the right time to launch “finish skill” to help the player quickly finish the opponent, not giving them a chance to counterattack again.

DarkAvenger X has many different battle modes for you to try to compete with rivals around the world or cooperate with friends to confront terrible bosses. For antagonistic matches, players can advance to a match of 1v1 or 3v3. The more opponents there are, the easier it is for the game to happen and the complexity in a game is challenging to calculate comprehensively. Besides, raid bosses or party dungeons are equally attractive to brilliant monsters designed by experienced developers. Small and agile beasts such as wolves and spiders will push the battle speed to dizziness, requiring players to coordinate sharply and perfectly. Or giant creatures like dragons or golem need high stamina and significant damage to erode their strength.

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