DEAD RAIN 2: Tree Virus v1.0.15 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

If someday you are waking up in fear because there is the fact that everyone in the world is infected with the disease and being “zombie”, what will you do? This scene must be a topic that has become so familiar to fans who love fiction films. But today, you are not only an audience, but you can also direct the role of characters in those films, in the game Dead Rain 2, a role-playing game from Tiny Devbox. Before we learn about Tiny Devbox’s features and gameplay, let me explore the story that Tiny Devbox builds in this game.


The context of Dead Rain 2 begins when people are infected with a strange virus. It seems that someone has created rains that contain viruses capable of mutating genes and planting into the human body a peculiar plant. This plant always urges infected people to look for living creatures and eat them. Fortunately, some people have avoided that rain and have not been infected, but in parallel with that luck, it is terrible. They face dangers, with mutants appearing everywhere to compete for life… where will everything go?

Nucleus & Slash Side Scrolling Action RPG

Join the Dead Rain 2; players will turn into a man lucky to survive after a pandemic. He was on his way to find his missing wife and daughter. But this is not easy because he is surrounded by dangers all the time, and zombies can kill him at any time.

The map in Dead Rain is a 2D map, divided into several levels, and each floor has a lot of zombies. They will gather forces to attack any living creature they see. Although they have an aggressive nature, their actions and speed of travel are quite magnificent. You will apply your mobility and agility to fight them. At the same time use the weapons that the game provides to attack them, and protect themselves. However, weapons resources seem to be unavailable. During the game, you can pick up weapons that appear on the way, or use the money to buy them in the store. Collection of weapons is quite diverse, from rifles, SMG guns to melee types such as the hammer, knife … for you to choose.

After understanding the tasks to be performed and the dangers you might encounter, we will learn about the character control mechanism. Overall, the control mechanism is quite simple because Dead Rain 2 is just a 2D game. You will tap the icons, neatly arranged on either side of the screen to perform moves, climb and attack enemies. Your character only has a certain amount of blood, then maintain it by searching for supplies, and evading the attack that the enemy causes.


Dead Rain 2 not only has gameplay and a compelling storyline, but the graphics are also a highlight, bringing a difference. Although its context was built in a rather dark world, and the appearance of scary zombies, but under the ingenious design of the author, the background became fanciful, and brought more artistic. All models are hand-painted and are carefully painted. You may like this graphics platform, right from the first time you experience

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