Download Dangle Dash MOD APK v1.98(Много денег/без рекламы)

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Dangle Dash Introduction</h2
Dangle Dash – an addicting sports arcade for android devices. Arcade variation of hockey Bright, dynamic and very addictive arcade game with classic runner elements that will give you a chance test your hockey dribbling skills. Dangle Dash is a real test of strength, finger dexterity and reaction speed, because here you will find the most difficult and incredibly interesting tests in the atmosphere of your favorite sport. Will you be able to break the records of the best players and enter your name on the leaderboard? Increasing difficulty of the levels The rules of playing Dangle Dash are extremely simple, taking a stick and a puck in virtual hands, you need to ride on a long field, dodging a large number of obstacles with the puck, including quite unexpected ones that can test your nerves. Only composure and high reaction speed will allow you to skillfully overcome obstacles and complete levels. With each new stage, it will become more difficult to play, because the speed of what is happening will increase significantly, which will make the gameplay of Dangle Dash even more interesting. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Download Dangle Dash MOD APK v1.98(Много денег/без рекламы)

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