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Grannys Silent Playhouse Residence – exciting first-person horror adventurefor Android devices. Incredible plot Impressive horror with a view from the first person, in which you have to face your fears right in the face and go to an old, abandoned house on a hill in the village, can you unravel all the secrets that this place is fraught with? Once upon a time, the grandmother told the main character horrifying tales about a quiet abandoned house on a hill, where an evil spirit and other representatives of dark forces live. To unravel all the secrets of this place, you have to look directly into the inner world of the inhabitants of the house and try to cope with all the nightmares. Cinematic videos and cutscenes An intriguing plot filled with secrets and riddles, mystical phenomena, mysterious creatures and dangers. Grannys Silent Playhouse Residence will delight you with atmospheric cinematic clips and a well-developed plot component, directed soundtrack and complementary soundtrack. Over time, the environment of the house will change slightly, and you will also find various unpredictable situations, solving puzzles, participating in the most dangerous pursuits, as well as an unexpected ending to this story. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.

Download Granny MOD APK v0.1(Без рекламы)

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