Florida Interstate ’86 Mod Apk v0.989.9

Florida Interstate ’86 – race in a retro style, where your goal is to drive the car as long as possible in the sunset on the roads of Florida. The car is essentially moving forward on its own, and you have to maneuver to avoid crashing into a bump, oncoming traffic, or something else. To do this, tap and hold the left or right side of the screen to rotate where you want. Drive the maximum possible distance, earning points by collecting regular and gold cassettes, which increase the time on the timer, because if it runs out, your race stops. Florida Interstate 86 includes a dynamic lighting system at noon and against the backdrop of sunset, about 20 classic sports cars, as well as a soundtrack in the genres of synthwave/chillwave, which fully conveys the atmosphere of the 80s. If you enjoyed these races, consider taking a look at the “Florida Freeway Pass”, which unlocks all the features of Florida Interstate 86, gives you access to future content, and also serves as a token of appreciation for developers.

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