Free download barry – electricity in an app v1.28.2 for Android

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The description of barry – electricity in an app Appbarry is a 100% digital electricity supplier that makes it easy for you to get a smarter, cheaper and more climate-friendly consumption. The power is the same, everything else has [finally] changed. We’re replacing friction and paperwork with pay-as-you-go, full overview, electricity at true cost price and clever notifications – all in an app. 0 binding, 0 BS.What do you get with barry?- Electricity at cost price- Overview of your consumption hour by hour – in cash, kWh and CO2 emissions- Get notifications when the power is green, renewable and cheap- Get rid of huge electricity bills- No commitment, hidden fees or binding period- Compensate for your emissions to get a CO2 neutral electricity consumption- Get notifications if your consumption patterns change- Refer friends and earn free electricity- One subscription, three addresses, same price- If you’re into domestic electricity production, you’re able to see how many kWh you’re supplying to the grid…and much more!The barry app helps you to consume in a cheaper and smarter way.Every choice you make during a day has an impact on your carbon footprint. With barry, you always know when the electricity comes from renewable energy sources. What’s more, you can compensate for your CO2 emissions if you want a climate-friendly consumption.At barry, we make no profit from your electricity usage. We don’t do hidden fees – we sell you the electricity at Spot price. Which is just a different way to say “absolutely no profit to barry”. The only thing we make money from is our monthly subscription fee. That’s why barry, in 2019, was 5% cheaper than the retail electricity market consisting of the 30 electricity products favoured by 80% of Danish homes.GOT QUESTIONS?You can chat with us directly in the app, on weekdays from 9-21 and on weekends from 10-17.

Free download barry – electricity in an app v1.28.2 for Android

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