Free download Carbon Donut v1.5.34 for Android

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The description of Carbon Donut AppLearn about all things emissions, take climate action, unlock climate-smart deals, and measure your impact with Carbon Donut!Calculate your emissions & measure your impact Calculate your lifestyle carbon footprint to learn where you can make the biggest impact with the lowest effort. Track your progress and see how you get closer to our global climate goals!Learn about emissions Unlock a treasure of knowledge on climate action and emissions that helps you make climate-smart decisions in everyday life. Every time you complete a lesson, a new one is unlocked.Take climate action ⚡Put your knowledge into action and explore concrete tips to reduce your carbon footprint! Calculate your lifestyle carbon emissions to get tips tailored to your lifestyle, and for each action you see how big an impact you can make in terms of CO2 reductions.Earn climate-smart deals Find products and services that can help you reduce CO2 emissions in the blink of an eye! Complete lessons and log actions to unlock climate-smart deals.We’re continuously working on improving Carbon Donut to fit your lifestyle and help you reduce your carbon footprint further. Let us know what we can do to make you love it more by leaving a review.

Free download Carbon Donut v1.5.34 for Android

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