Free download ChargeHub v12.2.2 for Android

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The description of ChargeHub AppChargeHub\’s EV & Tesla Charging Stations Map App is every EV Driver\’s Best Friend!EV ChargeHub (previously EV Charger Locator) is a must have App for all American & Canadian electric car owners who want to find EV charging stations locations to plug their Tesla Model S / Leaf / iMiEV / Volt / Focus EV / Plug-in Prius / Smart EV / BMW i3 / Kia Soul EV / etc.Follow us on Twitter @EVChargeHub– What EV ChargeHub does –EV & Tesla Charging Stations Map Interface:-Find public electric vehicle charging stations-Get driving directions to nearest EV or Tesla charging station-Over 120 000 electric car charging station plugs (ev plugs) in the US & Canada-See whats around while you recharge. Plugin your electric car & see what restaurants, hotels, parks, places are around your EV or Tesla charging station-Get color coded live availability data from EV charging stations in the following networks: Chargepoint, Blink, Hydro Quebec\’s Circuit Electrique and AddEnergie Flo-Found a new public charging station? Add it to the EV Charge Hub database-Rate & add comments for all public electric vehicle supply equipment-Use search feature to find Level 1, Level 2 (EV Plug) and DC Fast chargers (Tesla Superchargers, SAE DC Fast & CHAdeMO) anywhere across North America-Smooth & responsive interface-Filter and search EV charging stations to only display the ones you want (by network, by charging level, etc)-Google Streetview to make it easier to see what\’s around an EV plug-Directly call the network EVSE from the app to get more information (ex: Chargepoint, Tesla Supercharger, evGO, Blink, Electric Circuit, SemaCharge, VERnetwork)-See traffic conditions directly on map & select map type-Unique logos for Tesla Superchargers, SAE DC Fast chargers and CHAdeMO charging stations-Share complete EV charging station info-Detailed usage data for BC evCloud connected EV charging stations-Request permission from other EV users for charger use (\”plugshare-ing\”)-In app charge session payment for selected networks– EV ChargeHub Features In Development —In app EV range estimationWho should download EV Charge Hub:-Electric car owners who want to find EV charging stations-Prospective buyers of Tesla ModelS / Leaf / iMiEV / Volt / Focus EV / Plug-in Prius / Smart EV / Kia Soul EV / etc, who want to know where electric vehicle charging stations are before purchasing an electric car

Free download ChargeHub v12.2.2 for Android

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