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The description of Ciao AppCiao helps you to easily plan your office visits if you work partially remotely. In a hybrid work setting, most people go to the office to collaborate and socialize. Our app shows you who\’s planning to go to the office, when and even where they are going to sit. So if you need to meet a co-worker, or avoid someone (let\’s be honest we all do that sometimes) the information is easy to access.In any office, there is that desk with the AC pointed right at it all day, or the one that\’s just a bit too high for you to sit comfortably. With Ciao you book your workplace in advance, so make sure that the desk with double screens, the good view, and the correct height is yours.As much as we\’d like you to use our app all the time, we know that you rather have all your scheduled events in one place. Ciao automatically syncs your bookings with your calendar.Depending on the country you work in, you might have to keep track of your office visits, for example, to reimburse travel costs. Our app integrates with your company\’s back office and automatically takes care of those administrative tasks.Features:- Desk booking- Interactive floor plan- See who else is going to the office- Calendar integration- Team prioritization- Booking allowance- HRM integration- Reminders- Check-in

Free download Ciao v1.1.6 for Android

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