Free download d3D Sculptor v7.50 for Android

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The description of d3D Sculptor Appd3D Sculptor is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D modeling, texturing and painting. d3D offers tools to push, pull, extrude, move, rotate, stretch, or otherwise manipulate a digital object as if it were made of a real-life substance such as clay. Tweak UV coordinates – Scale, Rotate, Translate UV, and revert to the original state at any point. Import OBJ for further detailing or texturing. OBJ export and load your 3D Model into 3D design programs!Features:• Import and Export formats OBJ• OBJ for universal• Face Extrude and Intrude• Modify Vertices, Faces and Edges• Dynamic Topology• Sculpt with alpha textures• Paint and Texture (Export Textures)• Load your own custom MatCaps• UV Editor- Unwrap Modifier – AI UV Unwrap• Boolean operations-Intersect, Subtract, Union• Subdivide By Edge/Center/Curve• Decimate model to reduce polygon count• Draw Mask• Share your creations in the d3D Sculptor galleryNote: Stylus Pen is not supportedFree Version Limit – Unlimited export for models with up to 65k vertices

Free download d3D Sculptor v7.50 for Android

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