Free download DENGENCAFE v4.1.1 for Android

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The description of DENGENCAFE AppDENGENCAFE is an application that you can find charging and WiFi spots from the map.We solve \”not enough charge!\” \”Not connected!\” Of notebook PC and smartphone tablet quickly.We publish cafes, coffee shops and restaurants with WiFi and outlets in about 5000 stores nationwide.This application is ideal for nomad workers and those who need an outlet or WiFi on the go.In addition, we call cafes and coffee shops with restaurants that can be recharged and WiFi, and restaurants as Dengen cafes. This app is a DENGENCAFE official app.【What can be done with the power cafe app】・ We search neighboring power supply cafes from the present location・ Find power cafe near the destination under various conditions… Wi-Fi, presence of outlet, smoking OK, meeting available, card payment allowed, stroller OK, etc.・ We leak information such as cafes and restaurants not listed in the power supply cafe (information provision)・ Contact the Power Supply Cafe Administration Bureau

Free download DENGENCAFE v4.1.1 for Android

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