Free download Hausparty v2.0.9 for Android

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The description of Hausparty AppThe best drinking game you have ever played !. Play the new drinking game Hausparty for two or in a group with your party guests and experience an unforgettable party evening. You have to get through challenges and complete tasks or play mini games. The app should not be missing at any pre-booze, preheating, pre-drinking party.Since the latest update you can add your own rules or even create and save your own game with drinking rules and compulsory tasks.But whether at home, in a pub or at a party. The Hausparty drinking game is suitable for everyone from the age of 18 and includes many well-known drinking games such as bus driving, picolo, Never Have I Ever, \”Truth or Dare\”, \”Kings Cup\”, \”Party Bus\”, drink roulette, and other drinking games. The drinking game app takes party games to a new level.And this is how it works:* Download Hausparty drinking games app* Enter the names of the other players* Selects a game mode* The app loads the current modes and you can start the partyWe update the content regularly for varied gaming fun.Take your drinking games to the next level with the House Party drinking app.All you need are enough drinks and don\’t forget \”fun with moderation\”. Into the party bus and off to the house party.

Free download Hausparty v2.0.9 for Android

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