Free download IBI v3.7.5 for Android

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The description of IBI AppIBI is the easiest delivery route planner for 2 to 200 stops. And with 1 account, you can switch from the desktop to Android or IOS.How does it work?Enter the address by speaking, typing or sending a list with addresses.Sort the stops in the optimale route, with or without traffic info or special truck restrictions.Overview on the map or listGet a full overview of the route before you start delivering. Use your favorite app like Waze, Google or Here to navigate. Click on the address and IBI start delivering.During the routeAnytime during the route, you can optimize the route again. Add an address for a pick up or delivery. Change the route for any reason and optimize again for the rest of the stops. You never lose control over the route.After delivery, make a note or just set the stop as delivered. Track and trace with an email after each delivery.At the end of the route, send a complete delivery list. Save the route to re-use in the future.

Free download IBI v3.7.5 for Android

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