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The description of Karshare AppRent a car from your community:Rent great cars from trusted local owners in your community. All cars are instantly bookable and securely accessed using the Karshare App. Renting a car near you is great for running errands, day trips, or weekends away.Benefits of renting a car from your community:• Cars located just around the corner, car rental near you• All cars instantly bookable.• Book and open the vehicle with our app, no need to meet owners.• No queues, counters or hidden extras.• Shared cars take cars off the road, supporting sustainability.• And help your community by putting money in their pockets.• Get feedback on your driving style by enabling location services.Rent out your car:Sharing your car is better for the environment (we need less cars) and helps to support people in the community who need a car. It is also a great way to make some extra cash when you are not using it.Benefits of sharing your car:• Full insurance provided by Karshare.• Fully vetted renters.• Keyless tech makes sharing a breeze – no need to meet renters.• You could earn up to £550 a month.• You have control and decide when your car is available to rent.At Karshare we put our customers first and do the little things really well. Our purpose is to enable the world to do more with less and we enjoy coming up with better, smarter ways to do things. Karshare is made possible by use of the finest technology and we are proud to be driving the car sharing revolution that is better for our planet.Join the revolution and rent or share a car with your community today. Download our app now.

Free download Karshare v1.5.2.1 for Android

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