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The description of lite Applite is the most convenient way to explore the city.You have an access to hundreds of shared electric scooters that don’t need neither driving license, nor fueling. This eco-friendly transport helps you to move quickly and without traffic jams wherever you need to get to.HOW IT WORKSDownload the application, sign up using your phone number and right after 2 minutes go hit the road. The map helps you to find the nearest scooter, all you need to do is scan a QR code. Leave the scooter in an accessible place following in-app guide to finish your ride.ELECTRIC SCOOTEROur scooter reaches a speed of up to 25 km/h, and the charge lasts up to 3 hours on the road. For easy locating and safety reasons we put a GPS tracker, for a comfortable ride we added a shock absorption. The scooter has 2 brakes and 2 lights, which are nice to light, as it starts to get dark.RIDE SAFEWe care about our users and other road users, therefore, we ask you to go responsibly through the briefing in the application. Use bike paths if available. Follow traffic rules and respect those who are around.KEEP IN TOUCH!Our support team is always available for you in the mobile application 24/7 and a there are also free internet calls.Follow the interesting news on Instagram and update the application.

Free download lite v2.4.29 for Android

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