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The description of MediSage AppMediSage is a leading knowledge platform for Doctors. Medisage brings perspectives from national and international experts and provides practical take-aways for doctors to apply in every day practice. We have partnered with multiple experts across the globe and new experts are added to the platform on a daily basis.MediSage is absolutely free to use for doctors.The app is for Doctors across multiple specialty areas such Diabetology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Metabolic Disorders, Fever & Infections, Chest, Obesity, Urology, ENT, Psychiatry, Neurology, Family Health, Radiology, Oncology, OBGYN , Pediatrics and many others.The app is meant to provide customize experience to Doctors. You can pick an area of practice and the app will automatically provide personalized content for you.Key FeaturesI – Video and Audio based content from Subject Matter Experts. Content is delivered in the form of:a) HD Videos – content developed in collaboration with leading experts in their respective Therapeutic Areas delivered in a crisp and easy-to-understand formatb) Curated Research papers – to provide seamless access to information on new chemical entities, clinical trials, new indications, clinical protocols and regulationsc) Audio Podcasts – Short informative audio clips from expert panelists to enable regular feed of medical information. Learn on-the-god) Live Events – Participate in panel discussion or interact with surgeons during a live surgeryII – Community based platforma) Doctors can access content based on their area of practice, regular contents are added under each community. Communities are based on Doctors clinical practice.b) We collaborate with Industry, Universities, Associations and Experts to bring up-to-date content for your viewingIII – Searcha) The app has an extensive search feature, you can search for any topic of interest. You can also search by expert name or by community.IV – News- Once you create your free account, you can access news from 300+ journals on our website We bring news from leading journalsWant to become and expert on the Platform and reach out to millions of doctors across the world ?Write to use at [email protected] team of Medical experts will reach out to you,

Free download MediSage v1.7.11 for Android

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