Free download MEDVIZZ v1.4.39.1 for Android

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The description of MEDVIZZ App\”MEDVIZZ (Simplifying medical education)If you can\’t explain it simply, you don\’t understand it well enough- Albert Einstein.Medvizz focuses on simplifying teaching and learning, our core competence is to give the best and detailed content in the most lucid fashion to medical students.• Awesome opportunity to experience and learn from the best teaching faculty.• Personalized attention and classroom feel.• Content sourced from international standardized textbooks.• Maximum emphasis on how to deal with an MCQ to enhance your scores.• Study anytime and anywhere.• View Lectures Multiple Times – Find a topic tough? Feel free to go through the lecture again and again and again!• On demand streaming video lectures.• Flexibility of time for greater efficiency and comprehension.• Test Series and MCQ BankNoted pain points.• Confused about the material that needs to be covered for Competitive Exams like FMGE and NEET PG or planning to cover the whole OBG syllabus in one month for your MBBS university exams?• Fearful of exam day itself, and whether you’ll remember the content you spent so much time studying?• Fear to cover huge and complex textbooks to understand the subject?• Do you ever wish you had a coach to walk you through the most complexExam questions?• All you need to do is to get access to Medvizz videos by downloading the mobile application for android via Google play store.• The one-of-a-kind study tool has expert instructors walk you through solutions and strategies for Exam based content delivery.• An expert instructor from the Medvizz will teach you how to master the content and complex topics and also how to tackle the questions step-by-step.• When you watch Medvizz videos, you can learn to apply conceptual knowledge to master MCQs.Suggestion for Learners• Your first priority should be to continue to do well in your current studies.• While concentrating on your medical school curriculum, annotate your comprehensive review the book as you go through your coursework. Divide the total number of pages by the number of days until your intensive study period* begins to establish how many pages you need to read.• After finishing a chapter in your desired subject, take a practice exam from MCQ books you have or the Question bank in Medvizz mobile application to establish a baseline and determine your weak areas.• Find a study partner to keep you on track and to make your learning more active, rather than passively reading to yourself.• Make a schedule that works for you and sticks with it.\”

Free download MEDVIZZ v1.4.39.1 for Android

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