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The description of mega macs ONE Appmega macs ONE allows you to deal with repairs and servicing on over 40 vehicle makes and more than 48,000 vehicle models in no time at all – and at an unbeatable price. The software communicates with all relevant ECUs and enables you to read out trouble codes, reset service intervals or recalibrate systems and vehicle components after installation. And do it all intuitively with mega macs ONE.IT COULDN\’T BE EASIERAfter concluding the licence agreement with Hella Gutmann, you will receive the Bluetooth VCI, which enables your mega macs ONE to communicate with the vehicle in question. The mega macs diagnostic software will also be made available for you to download. Once it has been installed on your tablet or notebook, you can use it on an unlimited basis – and even transfer it if you buy a new device.mega macs ONE provides the same range of diagnostic functions as conventional mega macs diagnostic devices. These range from displaying the OBD interface in the vehicle, reading/deleting trouble codes, resetting service intervals, parameter depictions (up to 16 at the same time), basic settings and actuator tests to the option of writing to the ECU via PassThru.WHEN SPEED IS OF THE ESSENCEVIN-based vehicle identification is of course available, but mega macs ONE also offers other country-specific options for rapid vehicle identification – using the manufacturer key number and the type variant version code (HSN/TSN) in Germany, the registration number in Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands, the type approval number in Switzerland or the vehicle descriptor (\”type mine\”) in France, for example.FLEXIBILITY AT A LOW COSTIn addition, mega macs ONE offers up-to-date customisation options for aspects such as viewing the screen in landscape and portrait mode, setting the language, the alarm duration when leaving the VCI wireless range, the duration for recording measured values, the number of trouble code and measured value reports, and the XML file lifetime. As is the case with our conventional mega macs diagnostic devices, you also have the option of booking regular updates and services for mega macs ONE and using the Technical Help Line for assistance with diagnostic tasks.SERVICES AT A GLANCE- Wireless communication with the vehicle- Quick and unambiguous vehicle selection via VIN identificationand graphic indicator for the diagnostic connector- Reading/deletion of trouble codes + global check of over40 vehicle makes and more than 48,000 models- Trouble code explanations with detailed information and descriptions- Full parameter depiction with graphics and explanations (8 parameters displayed at the same time – e.g. motor, ABS, airbag, comfort, electrics, chassis)- Actuator tests, coding, basic settings- Full service resets for all systems- Diagnostic results sent as PDF via e-mail- Rapid and precise vehicle identification- Additional integration of country-specific vehicle search- Flexible views (landscape and portrait format)- Car history

Free download mega macs ONE vc2fb645 for Android

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