Free download NeedToCharge v1.0.2.1 for Android

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The description of NeedToCharge AppFor Electric Vehicle drivers everywhere…Give people a safe, secure and easy way to contact you if you\’re on a charger and they need to charge.Sharing an EV charger at work? Or maybe you\’re grabbing a bite at a restaurant while you top up but want to let others contact you if they really need to use the charger.It\’s simple – just sign up to NeedToCharger and anyone can contact you just by entering your Number Plate into – they don\’t need an app, an account, and neither of you have to leave any of your personal details like mobile number or email address on display for the world to see.You can then easily reply to let them know how long you\’ll be.If you\’re a community that share a charger, in your office carpark or residential community for example, why not all sign up so you can let each other know when you need to charge?You can even print out discs to put in your window personalised to your car so they can just scan your QR code and their phones will go to and pre-fill in your number plate – making it even easier.- Supports multiple vehicles per user- Get alerted by email, push notification or both- Your personal details stay personal – no need to share your email address or phone number- Download and print a note to put on your dash to tell others needing a charge to go to – they can enter your number plate there without even having to download the app! – download it at It\’s completely free for all, and none of those pesky adsAs the number of Electric Vehicles on the roads increase, so do the odds of a charger being blocked, so share the love and let other drivers know – it\’s free!Available for Android, iOS, and on the Web

Free download NeedToCharge v1.0.2.1 for Android

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