Free download nMobile v1.2.4 for Android

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The description of nMobile AppnMobile secure chat protects your personal data by keeping it on your device where it belongs. All messages are encrypted and no data is ever stored in the cloud.Key features of nMobile:D-Chat:– Secure group chat and private one-on-one chat with end-to-end and hop by hop encryption– Manage private groups (group admin, add/remove user, mute)– Cross platform, chat with other nMobile users or use our compatible web browser plugin to securely chat with users on almost any device– Send images, animated gifs, and format your messages with HTML/MarkDownNKN Mobile Wallet (optional):– NKN Mainnet token formats supported– Manage your NKN wallet right from your mobile, create or import an existing wallet and export your wallet for backup.– Send or receive NKN token paymentsGeneral:– supports both English and Chinese languagenMobile is developed by NKN is building the world\’s largest mesh network featuring new communication services such as content delivery, secure messaging, and direct file transfer.

Free download nMobile v1.2.4 for Android

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If you don\’t like it, you can also try Google play search to get it

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