Free download PainterSVG v3.91 for Android

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The description of PainterSVG AppSVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a W3C standard for vector graphics. Vector graphics is different from bitmap image in that it is not composed of a fixed set of pixels. SVG is composed of a fixed set of shapes, and describes how the shapes are like. The best feature of SVG is that if you scales it to bigger size, there is no loss of detail.This application (PainterSVG) is an editor painter for SVG images. It provides following features:- create and edit shapes like line, circle, rectangle etc- create and edit path, support straight line, cubic line, quadratic line, easy to drag the stop points and control points to change the path- easy way to define the stroke and fill of all shapes and path- allow single color fill or linear gradient fill or radial gradient fill for all shapes- easy way to select / deselect all elements, drag to move, resize, and rotate- easy way to zoom in / out- easy way to group elements or ungroup- read and write to external svg files- export to png file (transparent background) or jpg file (white background)More features are being actively developed and will come soon.

Free download PainterSVG v3.91 for Android

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