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The description of PharmaPlus AppPharmaPlus® Mobile Application provides complete information on all the drugs available in Pakistan right in your pocket, a quick and handy reference for medical students, medical professionals and pharmaceutical industry. There are some essential & critical information required by healthcare professionals on any medicines such as; contents, indications and dosage, contraindications and precautions for any particular medicine. It is impossible for Healthcare Professionals to memorize all these information. Thus it is crucial to make this information handy and available all the time.PharmaPlus® Mobile Application is an offline application which can be downloaded to smart phones and other devices which run on Android or iOS and run offline, hence permanent connection of internet would not be required to use the application. It is updated once a month in order to keep the information up-to-date. It is to facilitate healthcare professionals to validate their prescription to avoid medical error. Medication errors include:• Incorrect dosage or administration of medicine.• Incorrect duration of treatment and Inappropriate intervals• Ignoring precautions and/or contra-indications of medicines.• Prescribing wrong medicines or wrong combination of medicine.PharmaPlus® Mobile Application provides healthcare professionals an easy to understand and user friendly Application of instant prescribing information when and where needed.

Free download PharmaPlus v2.0.5 for Android

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