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The description of Possible AppWant to lose weight naturally and overcome lifestyle-related diseases like Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid, High cholesterol ?Want to boost your overall health and build better immunity and be more energetic in your day to day life?Are you someone who is looking to lose weight without having to sacrifice your favourite foods?If the answer to any of these is yes, then you are at the right place!Among the many calorie-centric weight loss applications out there, Possible is a breath of fresh air.We offer effective and sustainable weight loss solutions that neither encourages calorie counting nor several hours of vigorous exercising.In fact, our unique model encourages you to EAT MORE TO LOSE MORE. We have helped achieve weight loss goals of 40,000+ clients, and we want to help you too.TOP FEATURES:1. Free Health Consultation – Get to know your complete body analysis – BMI, body age, fat %, muscle %, visceral fat and also get customised diet tips. The consultation will help you to understand your body and health a lot better.2. 7 Day Challenge – Want to know why you are gaining weight? What you should eat and do to lose weight? Learn straight from our founders how to lose weight in this 7-day video course.3. Free Immunity Course – A free 45 minutes course to help you fight lethal diseases. It will help you understand the powers of your immune system and learn to boost these powers. It contains practical tips on lifestyle changes and diet that can help you build immunity.4. Community to Lose Weight- Community can help a person achieve even the biggest goals. In our social page, you will get to interact live with our other users; know about their weight loss journey, difficulties, successes, tips, and much more.5. Learning Tools – Our mission is to make earth lighter, and we want to give you all the knowledge to kickstart your weight loss journey. In our learn page, find eye-opening and interesting health tips, recipes and exercise videos. You can also download 15+ e-books on PCOS, belly fat, diabetes, cholesterol etc which are directly related to weight gain.6. Chat with our Dietitians –You can get any weight loss and health-related query answered by our dietitian. You ask and we will answer!Awarded Two Times Winner of Times Healthcare Award for Innovative SolutionsWant more?Choose a program and become a member to unlock our Premium Features!Premium members get customized diet plans, access to log daily meals and much more.Before customizing your diet plans, we take into account – your lifestyle, any health disease you are facing, your food preferences, how much alcohol you consume, how often you travel etc.Top Features Premium Members get to enjoy:1. Health Score: Health score will track your data and weight loss journey. Health scores are calculated based on the foods you log in and how healthy were your choices. The better the health score, the better your body is.2. Health $ Account: Though we don\’t count calories, we do have a concept called \’Health $\’. We came up with this concept to give our clients an idea of how expensive health is. If you eat healthy foods, you will save your \’Health $\’. If you eat unhealthy foods, you will lose your \’Health $\’.3. Diet Log- When you log your food each day, you earn some \’Health $\’. It gives a measure of foods logged at the end of each day.4. Sponsor a Meal: When you save 300 Health $, you can sponsor 10 meals for a destitute kid. This way, you eat healthy meals and at the same time provide meals for a child in need.5. Report: You can view your monthly report of foods you have consumed (protein, sugar, carbs, etc) in the Possible app.Are you ready to take your 1st step towards Gaining Health and Immunity ? To enrol in our health programs or to book free health consultation, contact us on 080-45450057 or write to us at [email protected]

Free download Possible v4.51 for Android

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