Free download Tachogram v1.12.1 for Android

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The description of Tachogram AppTachogram is a digital tachograph data management application. It allows you to store your tachograph files, analyse them, receive reports and explanations about infringements, calculate remaining driving time, follow data download periods, card expiration dates. Companies value the option to integrate digital tachograph data into their systems via API Tachogram provides.With Tachogram mobile application you can eliminate the need of visiting gas stations just to download your card data. Now you can download your tachograph driver card data anywhere – using a standard smart card reader and Tachogram application.Tachogram automatically calculates remaining working time taking into account all aspects of EC regulations. Follow your remaining driving time, daily and weekly rest times.Keep track of your infringements, download periods and remaining driving time in one simple application screen.No need to use expensive and inconvenient tachograph driver card reading devices. All you need now is a standard card reader – plug it in your phone or tablet and start downloading card data on the go.Please note that your phone or tablet must support USB OTG features.The app offers a 30-day free trial. After that users can continue using the app for 3,99 EUR/month, or upgrade to a 3 or 6-month subscription to save up to 25% from monthly subscription fee.

Free download Tachogram v1.12.1 for Android

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