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The description of Twerk Race 3D – Game Guide AppTwerking is a lot of fun. And a running game with twerking is even more fun! Meet Twerk Race 3D—an exciting runner featuring a fun race where your goal is to grow your butt to become a twerking legend! Run, overcome various obstacles, strengthen your booty, and fight for the title of the best twerk dancer in history in this super exciting runner.FUN BODY RACE ‍♀️On your marks. Ready. Get set. Go! The fun race has begun! ‍♀️ Run through the challenging obstacle course and pick up food to grow your buns. In this running game, you can go from fat to fit in the blink of an eye. Collect healthy foods and your booty will become fit. Pick up fast food and it’ll grow right before your eyes. Your goal is to finish the run with the biggest butt imaginable.CRAZY OBSTACLESWatch out though: to get to the end, collecting hamburgers only won’t be enough—it takes a little strategy too! The race is packed with crazy obstacles: fragile glass platforms, barriers with different size holes, slides, and more. Sometimes a big butt can be your weakness. Learn when to burn calories and go from fat to fit. Prove you have the brains to match your big butt!EPIC TWERKING BATTLE A fun race isn\’t all this running game is about—there’s a twerking battle waiting for you when you get to the finish line. Each level ends with a grand finale—an exciting butt clash that will put your butt strength and twerking skills to the test. ‍♀️ Save all your strength for the mighty bump and bounce the opponent off the dance ring. Only the strongest and biggest butt has a chance of winning the booty shake-off! Ready for the challenge? You have nothing to lose … except maybe a couple of pounds. Join the fun run, pick up different food, overcome all obstacles, and get prepared to win the final butt clash. BEST FEATURES ● A one-of-a-kind running game! It’s a runner with a twerk battle at the end. There’s nothing like it!● An exciting butt clash! Grow your butt to be the strongest one and crush your opponent with the thick butt cheeks.● Real dynamic tension! A fast and fun race with an endless variety of obstacles to blast your way through. Watch your booty change as you tackle every hurdle!● A new fun run—a fresh and cute look. There are plenty of opportunities to bootify your character. Choose the best outfit to make your buns look snatched!A body race has never been this much fun! Join Twerk Race 3D to revel in an endlessly entertaining 3D runner that’s guaranteed to dispel your boredom and get you dancing all day!⛔️ DISCLAIMER ⛔️This guide is not affiliated with the original game, instead, it\’s just a fan project to help players get through the difficult levels of the game, not get frustrated, and enjoy the game even more!Have fun!Legal NoticeNO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDEDThis guide is intended only to assist people playing this great play. All characters, locations, images and content are the property of their respective owners and using this game guide falls within the guidelines of fair use.If you feel somehow we have violated the trademark, copyright. that violate the rules, please immediately reach to us, so we can immediately delete them, and help you.

Free download Twerk Race 3D – Game Guide v1.1 for Android

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