Free download VLP v1.0.6 for Android

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The description of VLP AppFull description :Experience the newly updated VLP app available on the android play store. VLP displays all promoters, retailers, and suitable products. VLP is developed to manage the internal process of marketing products and set targets among all their retailers.App Workflow:Admin FlowFirst of all, the user downloads the app from the android play store. Please note when you download the app then after you must to login into the app and login credentials provided by the admin. After login ADMIN see the dashboard screen that displays the details about Total retailers, their total targets, Total achievements, and % of their targets.The new other feature we added is Retailer or admin also able to see the statistics of all retailers, Zone, state, city, RSM, ASM, ASE, and products. Here Retailer is able to see the total no of retailers and their targets, achievements, and % for the preset formula of 0-50%, 50-75%, 75-90%, 90-100%, and above 100% of all retailers performance for their target achievements and products available.Retailer FlowFirst of all, the Retailer downloads the app from the android play store, then he/she must log in to the app, after login, the Retailer is able to see all the functionality of the app. The other flow of the app is Retailer flow for checking its target vs. achievements, posts are done by Admin/ZSM/RSM/ASM/ASE or any other merchandiser. They can evaluate and can know the target vs achievements on a daily basis and can decide their purchase department how to fulfill the target to match it.ExampleMohit is the admin in Ahmedabad city. Mayank and Mirali are ASM and ASE and work under Mohit and those both manage the different malls or markets. Per week Mayank visits the different malls and posts updates about product stock or any other issues. The interesting thing about this app is that Mohit is able to track Mayank and Mirali locations.

Free download VLP v1.0.6 for Android

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