Free download Walkie Talkie Offline v1.2 for Android

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The description of Walkie Talkie AppWalkie Talkie Offline is an app developed for the purpose that a person can talk with his family or friends without any kind of restrictions. By using, walkie talkie you can easily talk with your friends or family members without any time limit and restrictions. High quality two-way audio transmission is provided by this walkie talkie offline app to communicate with your family and friends.Walkie Talkie Offline scans for available devices at a very fast speed and with very much accuracy. It can scan any devices that are active in its radius and displays them to the user quickly.Walkie talkie Offline provides very high-quality voice transmission between both the devices. The voice quality provided by walkie talkie is very high. The user can easily connect to any device he wants and talk with his family or friends as much he wants without any kind of restrictions.Walkie Talkie Offline allows the user to talk with others by using the push-to-talk feature. After making a connection between the devices, the user can push the microphone button to talk and vice versa.Walkie talkie provides an amazing user-friendly interface along side its offline working makes this an awesome app for communication purposes.Walkie Talkie works online as well as entirely offline. You just need to scan for active devices and connect with it. After the connection is made with the device, you can talk as much as you want by using this walkie talkie offline app.Key Features:• Walkie Talkie offline provides high-quality audio transmission between the connected devices.• Walkie Talkie provides push-to-talk service for communicating with your family or friends.• Walkie Talkie offers very less sound delay when you are talking with others.• Walkie talkie offline provides two-way audio transmission for communicating with others• Walkie talkie works completely offline and this app does not consume any kind of internet resource at all even when the device is connected to the internet.• Walkie talkie offline app enables a single device to connect to multiple devices for communication purposes at the same time.Feedback:Please let us know about what you think about our app through your quality feedback. We’ll try our best to keep this app free of crashes and bugs and make the app run smoother, so the users can enjoy the app without any errors.

Free download Walkie Talkie Offline v1.2 for Android

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