Go To Town 4 Mod Apk v2.6

Go To Town 4 – this is an updated version of the action game, created based on the cult game GTA. Here you can also drive different cars, complete missions, increase your influence, earn money and buy cool cars. Or you can just travel through the colorful summer locations of the metropolis and enjoy the freedom!

In this part of the game, many changes have been made, you will find yourself in a completely different city, quite large, with well-recreated green parks, a sandy beach and highways, with busy traffic. There are also many more missions, and their difficulty has increased. Complete them and accumulate money to buy yourself a powerful SUV, a racing bolit, a sports motorcycle, or even a helicopter.

In addition to the standard tasks, you can take part in exciting races, work as a driver, or even shoot a rifle in the shooting range. The controls in the game are fairly standard and well adapted. Realistic driving physics will provide incredible dynamics during the races. In this action game, everyone can find something for themselves to do!

Features of the game:

  • Big and beautiful city;
  • Complete freedom of movement and action;
  • A lot of missions and small jobs;
  • New models of ground and even air transport.

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