Gun Master 3D: Shoot ‘Em Down Mod Apk v1.27.3

Gun Master 3D: Shoot ‘Em Down – deal with every villain who gets in the way, throwing knives at them or shooting weapons. Naturally, this android game can not be called an action game, it is rather a timekiller, where you systematically destroy enemies while the main character moves to his goal. Come face to face with merciless robots, just touch them with your finger and your character will start attacking. At first, it will be ordinary knives, but later you will unlock a pistol, machine gun, shotgun, etc., to eliminate a whole crowd with one shot. Enemies are not difficult to kill, but know that these robots are treacherous bandits and hold hostages, so free the innocent by becoming a real hero. Also, there are barrels on the locations, open fire on them, so that the blast wave hits several opponents at once. The gameplay of Gun Master 3D is not particularly difficult, because it is an arcade game to kill time, where you will find action-packed gameplay, decent graphics, easy controls and a clear interface.

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