HeadHunters io v3.1.103 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

HeadHunters io deserves to be rated as a super product. The game has successfully built simple but equally attractive and challenging gameplay, graphics that do not have too many details but are still very beautiful and sharp. How to play is simple, but being an elite butcher is quite difficult.


HeadHunters io doesn’t have a lot of stories. Here is simply a reunion between butchers. All are trying to participate in survival battles just to see who is the most talented of all. The battles are ongoing. It is gathered by kings, clever pirates, wild west cowboys, shinobi from Japan, and more. You will also be one of them.


The gameplay is quite simple and easy to grasp. The left side will be where the navigation stick is located, while the right side will be the usual game moves. “HeadHunters io” supports both online and offline game modes. So, even if there is no network, you can still play as usual. However, playing online is certainly more fun when you are fighting with real warriors. The progress of each match will depend on your talent. If you are skillful, you can have a longer playing time than others. “HeadHunters io” has two game modes, Death Match and Battle Royale. Death Matches usually have a longer playing time than a Battle Royale.

Death Match

This will be the place for survival fights. The number of players is continually being added, or somehow, they are endless. And the only way to stop the game is until your character dies.

Battle Royale

This mode will be opened when you reach level 5. Each Battle Royale in the game consists of 50 people a turn. Each match takes a reasonably short time because the progress of the game will be accelerated when the game enters the safe zone. The last survivor is the winner.


HeadHunters io” has many special moves. They are not available but are collected in every match. So, every game starts is every reset. The game does not save progress, but the player must start from the beginning if it fails. However, the map will change randomly, and players will also change from match to match, so you don’t need to worry about whether this game is boring. In fact, it also has a beautiful and addictive feature, making players have to play many times.

When playing this game, you have to upgrade the weapons as well as the ability of the character. Each character in the game has different strengths and abilities. Therefore, there are also unequal battles. And to counter that, you need to upgrade indicators, change weapons, and even your character. The game has more than ten different weapons, but all of them are melee weapons. The reason is that it would be very unfair if a melee warrior has to fight with an archer, right? Different characters also have different stats. Although they create a balance, there are still some generals with outstanding advantages. So, fight a lot to accumulate gold. Most upgrades will be done with gold coins.

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