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Hero Among Us – an original strategy game in which players can create their own hero with unique, supernatural abilities. And then they would decide what he would do and what he would become in a world full of people like him. And each of them pursues their own goals and aspirations. And this is not counting the canonical villains who dream of destroying the planet. So gamers will have a wide range of opportunities to achieve certain values. But we must remember that any action entails consequences. So you should wisely choose the tactics of behavior and ways to perform the missions set before you.

A real-time strategy / manager game where you create a superhero that will save the world. First, you have to come up with your hero, customize how he will look and determine any country in the world where he will appear. Next, you control his actions and observe how the world changes in accordance with the decisions made. Your superhero will have to cope with the invasion of the walking dead, fight with criminal gangs, fight with supervillains and resist the numerous crises that occur in the world. Each of the heroes acts differently thanks to their stats and skill trees, and there are a few builds you’ll want to try to use to save the world. You can focus either directly on your hero’s strength, or on creating “advantages” for the countries you are fighting for, and even on fighting villains, and then quickly gain upgrade points to further upgrade the hero. In some ways, the game Hero Among Us is similar to Plague Inc., if you are a fan of this genre, then it is definitely recommended for review.

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Download Hero Among Us Mod Apk v1.0.0

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