House Paint v1.4.14 MOD APK ( Unlimited Money)

Coloring games are one of the most exciting pleasures of kids at the time they are free and also one of the most trusted names by their parents. It helps children to increase intelligence, imagination, and patience. After entirely gets coloring work, they will definitely be happy. The technology is getting more and more modern, and it also enhances the coloring game to another level. It allows players to enjoy attractive pictures directly on their smartphones. Content is varied, limitless, and free.

Latest Updates

House Paint is one of the movie launches that has been around for a long time but still has received a lot of trust from users. The publisher always pays attention to what users reflect on the household and constantly updates. The latest update has just released brand new tools for players to experience. But in fact, it is not unlocked for free, but the player will have to pass a few epic levels to receive them. These scenes are complicated and challenge the intelligence, the quickness of the player.

The newly updated tool is definitely worth the effort you spend. The city that you hand-painted is now going to get bigger and bigger thanks to the new houses that have been introduced by the manufacturer. That means that there will be a lot of new levels to challenge players, it is definitely more and more difficult. In the upcoming versions, players will continue to receive the expanding tools and the city more and more, welcoming more new colorful houses.

House Paint is a puzzle game that requires players to use their judgment correctly to color the house. Excluding gameplay, “House Paint” has been completed very well in terms of graphics so players will witness homes with stunning and unique architecture. Moreover, the city you own is also designed with a lot of flower gardens, parks, and clean roads. The houses placed on the beach along with cars regularly frequented proved it was like a Paradise resort.


To understand, your mission will be to color the walls of a house. You have to do to make sure that you will cover that wall with the color that the game has given you. The tool for you to color is a marble, and it rolls extremely fast on that wall. Basically, it is only that you swipe that it will roll until a new obstacle stops and behind it will leave a trail of color. Take control of the flight until the four walls of the house are covered by color as if the game ends and you win. But the challenge will not be as easy as you think. Because several screens will show off objects that block the way, making the player control the skillful ball.

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