How to Beat Giovanni – Pokemon Go

Team Rocket Has Invaded Pokemon Go!

Look out trainers! The crime syndicate known as Team Rocket is, once again, up to no good. And what have they acquired this time? The legendary beast Suicune is under the control of the leader of Team Rocket himself, Giovanni.

Member of the evil organization can be seen patrolling the streets at various times and locations. You can always find them in their hot air balloons.


Do you think you have what it takes to take them on and rescue Suicune from the clutches of Giovanni? Well, you’re in luck, we’ve acquired a few strategies on just how to accomplish this feat. So, stick around and you can learn how to beat Giovanni in Pokemon Go!

What is Pokemon Go?

For those who are unfamiliar – Pokemon Go is a mobile game created by Niantic and the Pokemon Company. In this game, you can take off on a journey as your very own trainer and raise as many Pocket Monsters as possible.

The major difference from this mobile game and the traditional games is clear: The Pokemon have come to our world! That’s right, you can go outside to various locations and find any of these lovable and cool creatures hiding in everyday locations.

This is closest thing to Pokemon that we will ever have in the real world. So marvel in awe and enjoy yourself! Grab your bag and pokeballs and head out on your journey to become a Pokemon Master.

How to Beat Giovanni

Now, beating Giovanni will be no easy task at all. You’ll need to be a season Pokemon trainer with lots of experience under your belt. If your team isn’t properly raised, you won’t be able to do anything in the face of the Team Rocket leader.

The key to defeating him is exploiting each of his team members’ weaknesses. Additionally, you’ll need to have stocked up on some pretty strong Pokemon with powerful moves.


  • You can use TMs in order to adjust the moves of your Pokemon. Make sure to have decent fast moves and charged moves in order to unleash the most DPS (damage per second).
  • Your Pokemon should have a high CP. Make sure to catch as many Pokemon and level us as much as possible to maximize the CP of your team. The more experienced, the better chance you’ll have.

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