How to Change the Homepage of the Default Browser in Android?

When we buy new Android phones, often times we get a lot of pre-installed apps and extensions that makes it impossible to remove. Of course, some of these apps are actually needed but a lot of times – they just add to the clutter.


Then, there’s also the problem of having a default homepage in your phone’s web browser that you don’t like. Probably because you want Google to be your default homepage or your favorite sites. If you’re having trouble figuring this one out, here’s the ultimate guide for you.

What is content://

If you are confused by this, don’t worry as it’s not that complex! Basically, this is just something that defines the default homepage of your phone’s browser. For instance, it could be set to the website of the brand of the Android phone that you bought. Or you could see a website that you don’t even use. In either case, you can’t easily change it. But that’s why this guide exists! Here’s how to change this.


  • Open your default internet browser app. This is usually called “Browser”.
  • Select the menu button. This is typically represented by 3 lines and is most likely located at the top right side of the screen.
  • Tap on the “Settings” menu and then browse until you find something that says “Android Browser Settings”. Tap this one as well.
  • Open “General” settings.
  • Then, tap on the “Set Homepage.”
  • Then, you can enter the URL you want to set as your default page such as Or you can choose to leave this blank.

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