How to Download Cinema HD on FireStick

What is Cinema HD

Before beginning, let’s explain exactly what this application is for the people who aren’t already familiar.


Cinema HD is a great way for user to stream their favorite TV shows and movies at no cost. Lately many services have a subscription or pay wall blocking you from enjoying them. Cinema allows for all users to access these same videos without interruption or roadblocks.

How to Download Cinema HD on FireStick

From these simple steps, you’ll learn exactly how to install Cinema HD on FireStick and without any difficulties.

Allowing Unknown Sources to Be Downloaded

  • Open up your FireStick. Now, head to the Settings on the top right section of the Home Screen.


  • Depending on your version of the app, you will 2 different options that basically hold the same function. Select My Fire TV or Device, depending on your FireStick.
  • From this point, select on the Developer Options.


  • From this point, you’ll need to make sure the Apps from Unknown Sources options is toggled on. This will allow you to install any applications that are not normally available on your FireStick.
  • Finally, you will get a warning message explaining the applications of allowing Unknown Sources on your device. Ignore this. Remember, Cinema HD is a safe app that can be trusted. Click on the Turn On option to finish.

And that completes the first step to adding your video streaming services onto FireStick. Next, let’s go through the actual downloading process.

How to Install Cinema HD on FireStick

  • To begin, you will need to download and install the Downloader App for your device. You will need to use the Downloader App in order to load APK files, as they cannot be downloaded directly from FireStick.

You can find the Downloader App straight from the Amazon Store. In the store, head to the Search icon. Type in the app name and you should easily find the download available. Download and install it.

  • Now, open up the app. From there, go to the URL tab in order to search for the Cinema video streamer.

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