How to Escape in Specimen Zero: Top Tips

Imagine playing a horror multiplayer game with your friends today? Back then, this didn’t even exist as most multiplayer games were shooting, action and RPG games. But now, we can play plenty of horror multiplayer games thanks to a lot of successful ones such as Specimen Zero. If you want to know how to escape in Specimen Zero, there’s no one answer. However, we can give you tips that can surely steer you to the path of success!

escape in specimen zero guide

By no means is Specimen Zero an easy game. But if you know the map layout, the tasks and you’ve familiarized yourself with the mechanics, then it becomes bearable. So, whether you’re a beginner or not in this game, this list of tips will greatly benefit with your gameplay. Here, you’ll know how to play the game like how the pros do it to get consistent win results. Even if you’re playing multiplayer or single player, the tips you’ll learn here will still be applicable!

Why Escape in Specimen Zero?

It’s not easy to play a horror game because of the mere fact that it was made to scare us. But people still play them regardless to challenge themselves to complete the game. Over the years, horror games have evolved from cringy designs to minimalistic but incredibly frightening designs now. Horror game designs have become more realistic and more immersive today that it’s difficult to play them when alone. This is why horror games today offer multiplayer aspects to encourage players to play together.

why escape in specimen zero

In Specimen Zero, the goal is to escape an abandoned building filled with creepy things. Here, you wake up suddenly in a cold and desolate building filled with various rooms and a lot of puzzles to solve. But that’s not the only thing around because there are plenty of monsters that came from experiments here. These monsters can’t see but they can hear everything in the building so you must be quiet. In this game, you’ll need to unlock particular points by going through different rooms.

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