How to Make Jewels in Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road

Let’s Talk the Basics

The Kingdom Hearts series has taken the entire world by storm. Of course, the Square Enix and Disney crossover game has been around for nearly 2 decades now and still has a growing fan base.

How to Make Jewels in Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road

And, besides the convoluted plot and story, the games are always a magical treat for players of all ages. One of the more overlooked games is Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road, the newly updated mobile game. Now that it has implemented the upcoming of Xehanort, there will be much more hype behind the game.

And for all of you keyblade wielders who play Union X, we understand your need for Jewels, and reluctancy to spend money. So, we’ve made a quick solution for you guys…

How to Make Jewels in Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road

So, now that we’ve discussed all of the basics, are you keyblade wielders ready to learn just how to get Jewels in King Hearts Union X? Don’t worry, all of you guardians of light will be able to afford the best Medals in the future. All you need to do is follow along with this guide and understand how it’s done.

how-to-earn-more-jewels-in-kingdom-hearts-union-x-dark-roadNote: These methods will require you to play the game on a daily basis and always be aware of the latest news. As such, as long as you’re willing to put in at least an hour a day, this can be achieved.

To get started, there are various methods associated with making Jewels. There is no one-trick or all-access method in receiving the premium currency of the game. The o ly thing that is required is patience.

Without further ado – Here is how to get more Jewels in Kingdom Hearts Union X Dark Road…

Method 1: Daily Login Bonuses

The first and most obvious way is given to you the very second that you open up Union X on your mobile device. This method is through the Daily Login Bonus.


Basically, ever time that you login to your account, there will be free Jewels waiting for you! This method is reset after every five days, with your total bonus increasing with more consecutive days. As you can see, for this method to work, you will need to be active everyday for at least a single second.

This is how it works:

  • 1st Day: 100 Jewels
  • 2nd Day: 100 Jewels
  • 3rd Day: 200 Jewels
  • 4th Day: 200 Jewels
  • 5th Day: 300 Jewels

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