How to Unmute Status on GB WhatsApp

So, you’ve found yourself in a predicament. You’ve locked status on GB WhatsApp APK and don’t know exactly how to undo the status for yourself.

Well the options are fairly simple, so simple in fact that we don’t need to spend so much time explaining how it is done. Just follow along and you will understand why exactly you muted a status. Likewise, you’ll learn the simple steps to unmute the status as well.


Are you ready? Okay, good! Let’s get started.

Why is My GB WhatsApp Status Muted?

Well, there is one simple reason for that. Either you accidentally muted the person you have been talking to, or you intentionally muted them.

Now, let’s explain how to mute a status on WhatsApp: First, you’ll need to select the profile or contact that you wish to mute. Then, you hold on their name for a few seconds. After a couple of seconds have passed, you will be given a few options. One of those options will be to mute the status of the profile displayed.

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